List of updates

Changes done to the article about the Aprondress from Køstrup

April 25th 2017

Added new information about the possible dating of the grave.

July 29th 2016

I added photographs from my visit at Odense Bys museer in 2015, did a last attempt to understand (and explain) why Wielandt interprets the placement of the pleats differently than Rassmussen and Lønborg. Some text was rewitten and moved in order to clearly separate my interpretation from the interpretation by the archaeologists.

In addition, I added information about the beads and about some small fragments of the tablet woven band.

April 25th 2015

I received a copy of Henriette Wielandt's analysis of the find, courtesy of Odense Bys Museer. This sparked a significant rewrite of the entire article in order to clearly separate between the different analyses in terms of where the different factual information and interpretations come from.

Also added more information about my reconstruction, specifically my latest attempt at recreating the pleating and the addition of beads to the decorative arrangement.

October 21th 2013

Added new pictures of my reconstruction, showing that the smokkr can be combined with the early stages of pregnancy.

July 18th 2013

Added information on a smokkr inspired by the Køstrup evidence that I have made. I also made some changes to the text concerning the interpretation of the Køstrup find after realising that the decoration wasn't as impractical as I first believed, and added a new photograph of a museum reconstruction.

January 2nd 2013

I added information about other tablet woven bands that have similar figures to some of the ones found in the tablet woven band attached to the Køstrup smokkr.

August 13th 2012

The article was created