List of updates

Changes done to the article about the Viking Aprondress. Non-significant changes, like fixing spelling errors, mending broken links or clearing up confusing language is not mentioned in this list.

April 10th 2020

Added photograph and some more details regarding the possible length and position of the back loops.

July 7th 2019

Updated the summaries of the Værnes, Trågstad and other finds and interpretations of alternatives to loops with some information from my work with grave T 16136 from Værnes.

April 25th 2017

Updated the Birka evidence and interpretations of the Birka material with information from Hägg's 1986 analysis, and restructured both texts for clarity.

Added new information about the possible dating of the Køstrup find.

Rewrote my interpretation of the smokkr to use the Køstrup fragment as the basis for concluding on a general shape of the smokkr.

Minor adjustments of the texts about wool or linen, decoration, colour and length for clarity. Added references.

January 10th 2017

Updated the evidence on graves from Værnes, Tråstad and other minor finds reported on by Blindheim (1945). Added photographs of the textiles.

Structured the text on construction and use of loops better and did minor adjustments to better take into account the graves outside of Birka that show evidence of more than two loops inside each brooch, and the evidence provided by Blindheim (1945) on alternative solutions to the loops.

Updated the evidence and interpretation of the Haithabu find. Added references in the text, and added more information on two graves with smokkr fragments.

Finally updated the evidence and interpretation of the Køstrup find to take into account the updates I did on my Køstrup article in 2015 and 2016.

Making the article easier to navigate and read: Introduced an index. Kept my thoughts on reconstruction choices, but removed the details of my specific reconstructions, and instead referred to the case study articles on them. I also moved the collection of reconstruction patterns by others to a separate page. The article is still 74 pages long.

February 25th 2014

Rewrote the paragraphs of the Pskov find and its interpretation after I read the Pskov report yet another time and realised that the number of loops were even more uncertain than I first thought.

October 21th 2013

Added new pictures of my Køstrup reconstruction, showing that the smokkr can be combined with the early stages of pregnancy.

July 18th 2013

Added information on a smokkr inspired by the Køstrup evidence that I have made. I also made some changes to the text concerning the interpretation of the Køstrup find after realising that the decoration wasn't as impractical as I first believed, and added a new photograph of a museum reconstruction.

July 5th 2013

Added information on a smokkr inspired by the Haithabu evidence that I have made.

June 11th 2013

Added my thoughts on how to approach the reconstruction of a smokkr (and fixed some broken links).

November 9th 2012

I have added information about the Veka find of a 27 cm long fragment of a smokkr front and the at Hopperstad find of possibly two woollen smokkrs worn on top of each other.

October 29th 2012

I finally managed to find an article by Annika Larsson about her reinterpretation of the Pskov find. Before this, all I had was a couple of press releases. As a result I have clarified the information on the interpretation of the Pskov find and rewritten Annika Larsson's proposed reconstruction.

August 13th 2012

I found two new reports about the Køstrup find (grave ACQ), and was allowed to examine the textiles at Odense Bys museum. As a result I have rewritten the information about the find and its interpretation and added new illustrations and photographs. Also modified information about the find under the sections about the construction and use of the loops and the decoration of the smokkr.